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    October 23, 2012
    7:00 - 10:00am PDT  

>> and we have a developing story with the swat team. kron 4 is there live. is there a reagaraid going on here? >> we have a command center out here and this was about 5:00 a.m.. they sent grenades into this home and went inside. it is still shaky on information and they're not stating if this is a drug related or some other illegal activity. they were able to arrest several people and i did witness someone being taken into custody. at this point most
of those teams have left the scene and now oakland police is here. investigators are in here serving a warrant. we are waiting to hear from the oakland police department to find out what motivated this raid in the first place. we do not know how long they have been working on this. >> right now we want to get a look at our weather and traffic. >> we do have potential for isolated showers. it is mostly cloudy. as we look into downtown san francisco we will see a partial clearing and some of the south bay spots. it looks
like there will be wet weather as we wake of four tomorrow morning. the timeline and what is on tap for the game will be next. >> i at cutting boulevard and accident was--most of the traffic has been held up here at will. it is still unclear as to whether they have got any of these lanes
open. there's also an accident at tennyson road. it is better news here. split is usually sluggish to 0. >> we are looking at the giants on into the world series against the detroit tigers tomorrow night. they are on their way the second time in three years. it was a blow out in san francisco. the driving rain that won
the national league. even in the rain most of the people still stayed in the stands it was cold and wet but it was glorious. this was worth the wait. the giants are getting ready for the big game and they're probably still arresting. >> irresting but you better believe that dathey expected to be a sellout crowd once first pitch begins on 5 of 7:00 p.m. on they were down three to one and when barry came to the mound he brought it back to at&t park and we closed out the deal. this is what fans had to say. >> last night's game was parting not as exciting as others but the outcome was
exciting. >> it was not tortured but i like blocks. >> and it was very enjoyable. it was a lot of fun and it was an unbelievable comeback. >> were down 31 both series. three to one. chichen if you go to t giants wil >> if you go to the giants website all the tickets are sold out. you can still get standing-room-only tickets for bought $400. you can shop a little bit more on line. these tickets are being sold by individual
people. if you want to wait closer to first pitch the prices should go down to about $200 for standing- room-only. when 9:00 rolled around it dropped even lower. you may be able to save some money. milky was the m v p. >> and let's take a look at the giants. you can see the giants were jumping. the effort and every player had a reason to celebrate. >> we have a lot of confidence in our pitchers and our bullpen. >> all of our pitchers--it is everything to may and i
came here to deliver. if a really good to deliver. >> we are a great team and we just aren't playing good and here we are. >> this was our game and the last couple of days our pitchers have done a great job. i have not been out there all that much more watching them it was great baseball. >> we came this far to win and we did not want to fall short. it was our time to have to say later. the first
pitches just after 5:00 p.m.. >> down a hundred and 85
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>> welcome back to 715 days in taking a look outside as we are waiting for some like to peek through the clouds. >> it is dry out there at the golden gate bridge with no fog. >> does not look like you've been the brightest day on the bridge. >> assaulting erica about how the weather might cdo h of sun. as we take a look
different afternoon highs will not want to much. upper 50s low 60s across the board. 63 in fairfield. 61 for haywood. >> san mateo at 62 degrees. daly city with upper 50s. >> it is currently selling in the sierras we take it live outside to highway 50. this is a rlike christmas tight shot. it will stretch until 11:00 a.m. today a winter storm warning. thus far in the 40 mi. an hour range. we could see snow up to 1 ft. around lake level. if &-h your extended forecast what conditions on tap for wednesday you to ashley wake up to a busy morning commute. the showers will push through into the afternoon. , by friday it looks like a quiet weather
pattern as we transition into the weekend. >> thank you erica we continue to keep our eye on a couple of slow spots. hot spots guess not the worst we've ever seen. interstate 80 the west omri was an accident. the drive time stayed around 25 minutes and that is only a few of its more than you normally several incidents there was slowing the ride between 238 and highway 84. there were accidents at tennyson another problem at hacienda a problem of the 92 interchange of which have been cleared out now. the traffic is clearing out as well. to 80 san jose north down at saratoga avenue and accident slowing the ride still backing upll the way the traffic heading up for
the guadalupe parkway. the bridges are not bad. first the bay bridge was found no surprises . 18-22 minute drive time fairly normal. san mateo bridge ride getting heavy looking at a 15 minute drive time. we will experience construction delays. could stop and go in the next hour. the golden gate bridge continues to roll on quietly and smoothly with no delays in the southbound direction. the uac auto
companies even if they went for bankruptcy. you said they couldn't private marketplace that was not true. off they would have gone through. >> know i am not from. >> sparks fly between president obama blanch founder mitt romney in the third and final presidential debate in florida. spar 16 pre can mitt romney 1 and nearly six of 10 of the viewers said the president did a better job than they expected piffle while 44 percent set romney had a better than expected performance. >> also a large genentech. women responding more favorably to the president's performance and in a given as to mitt romney. >> we ask for your feedback on our kron 4 facebook page.
>> i heard nothing from the can is that impressed me. facebook user yes-sir says president obama took charge of you to conjoin the conversation and the comment. >> thanks a lot. in national news and wisconsin man who shot and killed three people including his estranged wife and milwaukee's bob bought the gun he used two days
after being ordered to turn in all of his fire arms as part of a restraining order to protect his estranged wife. the shooter was supposed to turn in his --he is appealing a ruling that he has to appear clean shaven like
this in court. a military court requires defendants be clean shaven and the court has found him to be in contempt. right now he has a beard. 13 people were killed and more than two dozen were injured in that november 5th attack. if convicted he faces the death penalty or life in prison without parole. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
>> the lone american along with two russians who are
traveling in the space craft. the reports showing that the toyota preuis is the best-selling car in america. --california. california is the nation's biggest car market is also the biggest market for alternative fuel cars. including diesel and natural gas vehicles. >> gas prices have continued to slow it off a huge rise earlier this month. triple a reports prices have gone down of the past 11 days. the national average is $3.76 per gallon. the price
may also drop another 30¢ by november 22nd just thanksgiving day. america's driving less during the summer than this time of year. >> refiners are also switching over and making it cheaper of winter great plan of gas. >> san francisco for bows for reasons for a gallon. $4.37 in san jose and oakland. kron 4 morning news will continue until 10:00 we will continue i moved to new york to work in fashion. i came here with just a suitcase, maybe two.
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>> all comebacks with 729 a in is the time we are taking a look at the thick clouds over san francisco. a great start to the day. spherical have more on the forecast in a minute the first george with hot spots. >> a person the east bay, on interstate 80 the westbound direction heading down toward c>> we are still slow out of san leandro heading south through hayward down to the fremont milpitas corridor. a string of crashes that backed things up. in the south bank 85 quite heavy with an extended drive time of about 26 minutes from 85 out to cupertino in to 80 north bounds fairly heavy as a result of the early morning accident. the new seeing snow and to sierra.
however the center of that load is actually a along the oregon coast line now. the potential for scattered showers. tomorrow we will wake up with another mexican meant widespread rain by peak of the commune. chilly temperatures into the afternoon wore on your extended forecast and what it will look like for the game the was there is in my next report. >> it is not looking good for wall street checkout the dow. down 238 points disappointing corporate earnings from several large companies are dragging down wall street numbers at this hour. >> that should in it (cheers & applause) and who else and the giants have won the pennant. nine- zero the final in game 7. people in the pouring rain the san francisco giants' comeback from being three games to one. it was a blow
out last night san francisco beat the st. louis cardinals 9-0 to win the national league pennant. most of the sellout clause crowd stayed in their seats a long time
ups all with a bit disappointing quarterly results also outlook was a disappointment for investors. one of the few on the rise is yahoo. yahoo is
almost a 5%. we lost 205. on friday down to 50 right now. >> a missing petaluma teenager ruby mendoza has been found. she was found at home in the city of selma south of fresno. a new station got a tip about where she was and they notified the petaluma police. they went to the home and found her mendoza's got father a hat u escal is s 3o carry out their mission we're down to 285. >> the candidates a softening of the debate. romney repeatedly blamed the polipresident for not having strong foreign policy. >> off the time now the 7:36 a.m. we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. let's take a live look outside as the james lick in san francisco and new conceive a sluggish traffic here slowing down on the 101 southbound believe that all the hot spots in
just a couple of minutes.
announce plans today to achieve their goal of becoming energy independent using solar and wind power.
they will rely on the sun and wind to produce all the power he uses and its stores and buildings worldwide within a decade. they plan to install more rooftop solar panels. and replacing 1.2 million incandescent light bulbs with 85 percent more efficient kelly delights. 7:41 a.m. is the time we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. the will to live look outside. walnut creek all those bright lights of the 680 will be right back.
welcome back to the kron for morning as the hot spot this san mateo bridge westbound and 18 minute drive time and sometimes stop and go conditions that will likely push that drive time between 22-25 minutes. the dumbarton is a good alternate but for the fact that aid 80 southdown is backed up. it's take a look at some of our other hot
spots the ride on interstate 80 west bound improving slightly. with the heaviest traffic still of the north end. cleanup crews are still at work at cutting boulevard. clipper in early morning accident. southbound and is there were early mornings problems north and south of highway 92 that is why the traffic is to backed up on a 80 southbound. south bay freeways have yet to recover from earlier section adding to the delays which are upward
to 20 minutes regardless of the approach. the golden gate bridge a little heavier now the southbound direction of the south tower. the commute is getting heavier and ran their no delays to the traffic because of any accidents stol's south of highway 37. that goes to the weather center here's erica. mateo is a chilly 62. 61 in downtown san francisco. 63 expected in sunnyvale. your extended forecast shows picking up tomorrow will have heavy showers. it will start to sex out later on in the commute you concede that green on your screen indicates light rain. again we will hold on it to dig into the afternoon. guess we could be contending with some showers not only for the start of the game but 40 in your extended forecast
there are a dry conditions mostly clear skies as we head into the weekend. >> which is meant to win. i felt like it was our game. the last couple of days our pitchers have done an outstanding job. >> why will cut this morning i said to myself what ever happens to day i was just enjoy this moment and go out there and have fun. like a movie from start to finish. >> it finished up with the rain and everything. >> my gosh! it could have been more dramatic. >> between the driving--and these heroes. >> with the rain and then that-- >> the catch that crawford made that was a game. as soon as he made that sang was gone ahead and then once
he made that keeping cats that was it. >> with the rain the innings on lawn and i figured ok with they even think about delaying it is no other game will be play for this long with them this much rain. >> if the score was close, most positive the woodstock the game. the outcome that special someone beat the out come to be determined someone's living are getting injured. >> going now gary you are on the set but the game is going on you have to watch out of one eyeball. >> that is always my pet peeves. from where i am talking on people were watching the game. it was fun though. >> must show this slow- motion thing. i was at disneyland. i was wearing a giants your people will come up to say here is the score. then i was on the road in
>> the rain was really coming down i was like this is crazy. >> look at the field of the last out it was just unreal. i'm telling you this is a real team. the best hitters did not do much the giants to roll in. >> if you look at the match up now at tomorrow's game the tigers will practice today. you look at these two
teams are the tigers something to be feared because look at who they have with the triple crown winner in the best picture. does that make you nervous? giants go. >> and we had the first couple of sound bytes when they're talking to-test their like can you believe he's like yes i can believe it. >> here is the thing if you want to look for something negative if detroit has the best pitcher in baseball and he could throw three different games out of the seven if he had to. >> they have all this rest and we are turning around playing tomorrow. >> you hear people say i would rather be all keyed up and then we sas opposed to detroit who's had to manufacture games to get
ready. presented ideas to do better under pressure. but callbac--i love the slow-motion camera. with the bat cracking like it did. we have never seen it so slow to see how many times the ball to than three hits. that is a joke now when the bat's crack you make sure there's no court or a legal substance in there. >> he says i've broken a lot of that but i don't know if i've ever hit one like this. >> what did they call it they said it was like a knuckleball. the ball this one off if you have a picture of the crazy knuckleball that's how it went off the bat of for
pense. >> another thing i noticed they had to deal with the rain and their stuff is getting wet but afterwards it is the champagne. it is the right or the champagne. >> look at this! he could not take the call goes off for the interview. very that is a new thing and not get the stuff in your eyes to fattal on. >> i think that five different teams said we can do better this is the sixth
team and now he is the m p .vp. >> they were just as a band of misfits and castoffs. it does not seem like we are the little team that could any more like we were in the first version. now it is like we are expected to win. with the way they are playing right. i do not feel like they are the underdog that they were before. >> i have not seen the object. if they are
underdogs it will be slight because of that picture that can throw three games for detroit. that is the only reason the giants have a number of good pictutchers.
detroit will hold their hat on to that verlander they use him three times. >> timmy was with his girlfriend. did you see him with his girlfriend?. >> i did know we had a girlfriend. he hasn't been showing her off. >> this is an exciting time to be a giants fan with the bu1u h
>> coming up on the kron for morning news and big losses with the dow down to under than 43 points. we will take a look at what is driving the market floor. swat team race in oklahoma will have details later. you have more on the big highlights from last night cam game
news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning is one minute before 8:00 a.m. the top stars of our following wall street's suffering in a big way. the markets are down on earning reports of by 234 points now. >> the san francisco giants are on their way to the world series. the game starts tomorrow in san francisco at at&t park after an historic comeback in a driving rainstorm. we want to get more on that rain and what is in store to day. first will get hot spot update with george. >> we have been tracking a few slow down hot spots not major incidents but
unusually heavy traffic. right now we're looking at a really slow why florida peninsula. 101 heading south into mountain view and from mountain view north heading up towards redwood city both directions of the bayshore freeway there was a stall at willow, that is the only evidence of any of current problems. >> the san mateo bridge hot spot again this morning 16- 20 man dry times for your tri o'clockp across san. >> good morning george a lot of clouds to contend with right now and we do have potential for some spotty showers partial clearing into the afternoon menu because his embrace of sunshine again we have a 40 percent chance of widespread. isolated showers and a thunderstorm as well. >> dry conditions will persist this maybe a potentially
messy commuter as we wake up. >> thank you erica to come back kids do it again after being down three games to one in this series. the giants made that historic come back an hour on their way to the world series. the second time in three years and it was a blow out that ended in pouring rain. san francisco beat the st. louis cardinals 9-01 in the national league pennant. plenty of runs wert& e
smiles on their faces and they cannot wait for the world series to began because this is the second time in three years we take
on faith giant end the just and verlander. a lot of analysts don't believe that we will take the world series or even beat just then verlander. before we get tojsustin the sabre lathe e hear at maybe $400 or so for standing-room- only tickets. game 3 and 4 will be saturday and sunday. friday is of course a travel day. very zito will take the mound in game one. even though we close the series out last night in seven games people are still talking about very zito. we would not be there without the toe.zitto. we have been plag fast-the cardinals were not enjoying. >> a great comeback story woodbury's ito. barry zitto.
>> i came here to deliver and it felt really good to deliver. >> are you the guy for the was serious. >> i don't know our way to tomorrow. if that opportunity comes i will capitalizing give everything i have. >> the first two games of the world series are at at&t parksuffering. taking a real beating because of poor
earnings reports. >> the dow is down 235. trading at 13,001 on nine. >> months ago when you were as was the biggest gop political threat facing american said russia. not up qaeda, russia. the cold war as an offer for 20 years. >> our navy is smaller than shack any time since 1917. the neighbor needed 313 sp--he found himself agreeing with president obama on foreign-policy. the canada as are in a statistical dead heat going into the election which is now two weeks away. appalled that says a cnn survey gave the edge to the president. 40 percent thought that mitt romney won the night nearly six intend your said the president did a better job than they had expected. 44 percent say would going in. the survey also revealed to be
gender gap. women responding favorably to the president. men thinking that romney did better. >> more with our political analyst coming up in about 10 minutes. >> new this morning's what activity in oakland the scene at 90th and cherry streets. several people were taken into custody officers used flash bulletin beanbag guns which broke windows police are not releasing details of this time. >> missing petaluma teen ruby mendoza has been found. police said mendoza was found in a home in the city of some south the fresno. she was located on a new station received a tip about where she was located. the station notified petaluma police who then notified several police. mendoza's godfather a 29 year-old man was arrested. >> we have lots more ahead on the kron for morning news here are some of your
pictures of the fans celebrating a world series down in san francisco giants. will have more on the incredible journey to this point. what is next for the bay area
>> 20 year-old anna to and was arrested after police said officers responded to reports of the shooting around 11:00 saturday night. around the man drive. a man was shot dead there. the suspect was arrested after that. it is believed that the shooting was has stemmed from a domestic dispute. there is a fire being
investigated this morning and oakland and apartment complex at the 1600 block of retail ave. the fire started about 330 this morning and the residents were evacuated. there were no word on injuries and that fire. >> there are lots of clouds over san francisco. look for a few scattered showers today. we are looking for a high of 61 degrees this more on your forecast and debates coming up in just a moment.
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>> probably like you the rest of the bay area was is glued to the debate. all know that was the giants game. michael yaqui was watching the debate. >> thanks for making me look like a nerd. >> it's important to you. that was an important game though. >> i thought
did an excellent job last night. the polls, show that out. last night the president decided i'm going to come out swinging in and going to hit mitt romney and show that i'm the commander in chief. i am in charge and you are not ready for prime time. that is basically how he wanted to go out there. romney was basically shocpo decided to agree with the president on pretty much everything. i think his strategy may have backfired. as i watched the coverage unfold and look at the polls, i think playing it safe hurt romney more than he thought. >> why you think that? >> because when you look at the polls when things that is striking is one of the gender gap reemerge. after the first couple of debates romney close that up a bit. after that
debate the perception that women had, even though he was pouring out the piece love i'm gonna be everyone's love kind of thing, apparently in a post 911 world that is not what women voters really want. they want someone who is strong and forceful in going to protect them and their families. obama one that by 20 or 30 points and that is college advantage. he had to come out swinging. they never telegraphed this but they had some pretty darn good singers in the debate. those zinders are going to be singing through the internet and the next couple of days. zingers are like a good meal at takes a while to digest it. as the story begins to unfold you'll see probably-think
it was a game changer. or a game decider. last night that went to it obama. >> over the next two weeks are there any game changers and had or was that it? >> romney has to fight
everywhere. he has to run the table and a number of different states. ohio and they tried to put pennsylvania and play but i do not think that is going to work. he has to run the table in order to when the electoral college. for obama is more about aggressive defense. not like preventive defense like in the first debate. there's writt off california. california is going to obama. what they do have is a lot of willing people who are willing to make a difference. they're flying all over the country now. >> we are getting phone calls every night about the different propositions. >> propositions are totally different story. >> there's a lot to be decided in california and we will be back ahead with more. >> lots of low gears for the ride across the san mateo bridge. you are not going to be
going very fast. these are basically slow and go. stopping creek for the west on ride. drive times are over 20 to up to 25 minutes for the westbound commute. there is stop and go conditions from before the toll plaza and you'll encounter them sort of like an accordion. think of a caterpillar crawling across the bridge, that is the way to stopping the traffic court here. it moves and waves and that is what we're experiencing right now. also slower than usual traffic for the slower peninsula commute. redwood city mountain view jammed up here in both directions. southdown in northbound between '84 and '85. the bay bridge toll plaza has a stop on the upper deck and was there for about 20 minutes and it had already been a slow ride before that occurred. 880 is the
best approach to the bridge this morning. the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound is near the peak of the commute for the ride in from iran. we're looking at heavier traffic from just before the north tower to the toll plaza. thereafter marin county is not nearly as well as a ride we had yesterday and one of the better rise for the bay area said. >> it is dry out there compared to 24 hours ago. we had pretty heavy rain especially for the first real storm of the season. it is trying cloudy for now but that does not mean it will stick as we head into the afternoon. a lot of instability in the area most of the weather has pushed its way east. it is currently snowing in the sierra. if you're for that area. it is chilly out there . 51 out the door pleasant
1053 in hayward we really will not warm-up by much. there's a lot of cold cloud cover. we anticipate cloudy conditions and temperatures only in the '60s. 61 degrees for san jose 62 for campbell and los gatos, another chilly afternoon in store for any act low 60s for castro valley. we also have the potential for at and isolated thunderstorms north of the gttortomorrow 6:00
a.m. with a this band making its way to the bay area once again. moderate to heavy rain and for the most part it will stick north of the golden gate bridge. until the heart of your commute it will start to sack south and the showers will be lighter in nature but again we will continue with isolated showers for the rest of the day. really viewed as allied radar that are extended forecast what's on tap for the weekend coming up and my next report. extended forecast what's on tap for the weekend coming up and my nejack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item. i give you... flap jacks. hmm! thing is, i don't know if i'm comfortable with people eating my face. how 'bout a loaded breakfast sandwich with country-grilled sausage, bacon, ham, two fried eggs, and melting cheese on toasted sourdough.
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>> that was the countdown this morning for these values rocket launch. the rocket was carrying a three man crews to the international space station. there's an american on board,
kevin ford as well as to russians. there'll be a two day journey. >> wisconsin man who shot and killed three people including his espl after turn in all of his weapons. a court ordered the man to turn and all of his fire arms because there was a restraining order placed upon him to protect his estranged wife. she was one of the three people shot and killed when he opened fire at the hair salon where she worked. four other people were hurt in that shooting and then he took his own life. the court-martial proceedings for the man charged in the 2009 shootings of fort hood texas is delay comes as former army psychiatrist who you see here with no beard has endured now. he is appealing a ruling that he has to appear clean shaving in court as required by the
military court. he was found in contempt because of the facial hair. 13 people were killed and two dozen were injured in that attack. he faces the death penalty or life in prison without parole. >> take a look outside there's a big backup of the bay bridge toll plaza with clouds and the chance of showers today. we're 53 in oakland looking for a cool high of the mid-60s. we're also watching the dow
>> the traffic is a slow go walnut creek. >> indeed there are no problems except of course for too many cars and not enough lines. we always see a backup of the southbound direction headed toward alamo. the hot spot continues to be the san mateo
bridge. it appears to be moving well in front of the toll plaza but we will of course likely see backup once again as we're still looking at drive times of 18 to 25 minutes. the delays continuing as they have for the last month. slightly more with construction work still under way at the base of a high-rise. >> drive for now an morning ands way to the east. it is currently still snowing in the sierra but again there's a lot of instability associated with this system. to not be surprised if you encounter a pop-up thunderstorm or showers into the afternoon. mostly cloudy
conditions with some are waking up to more wet weather. more information coming up and my next report. with a full look at your send a report coming up straight ahead. >> (cheers & applause) who else? the giants have won the pennant! >> out in the pouring rain the giants make a comeback at three games to one and now they're on their way to leave rome series for the second time in third eat three years. even in the pouring
raid most of the crowd stayed in their seats to celebrate with the rest of the team. the world series starts tomorrow at at&t park. >> tomorrow night at 5 those seven games won and to hear. the first pitch already people. people are taking advantage of the rain and the dugout stores located at the ballpark opens at 10:00 and morning. this open watched it last my driving back from they guess we were listening on the radio and watching the tv. we were so excited. >> did you think the the giants would win being down three to
one? >> i was hopeful? they done it before so i was not shocked. >> the no that stuff will be dated because want to become world series champions... >> then i guess i'll have to come back again. >> i was kidding when i said they wouldn't win. (laughter) >> is right. everyone knows it.
the giants play best when they're back is against the wall. they had six game 7 starter out the playoffs and that is why it was no big deal for them. i talked to the people at the store and they said guess what the cardinals had some of their teachers made in advance. they did not win so those teachers that were printe. >> the reason we keep going week just keep instilling confidence in each other. >> the team believe in you win some didn't. >> i am very grateful to the fans and the coaching staff and everyone that believed in me. >> we were just meant to win. the last couple of games are pitchers have done an outstanding job. having been out there all that much of walking out of the dugout as is great. we have been playing great there all that much of walking out of the dugout as is great. we have been playing great baseball.
>> the numbers have been horrible but the doubt is in right now down 252 points. we're looking at horrible numbers this morning because earnings have been off. we're seeing a sharp move lower. the key averages are lower. we do not have any help on the way. other business news, allied financial is selling its canadian auto finance. three m is reducing its profit expectations for this year. this is just a reality that we are seeing bad numbers. the world's largest packaging delivering co. p3 not using ups like we used to. >> apple stock took a big dive in the last three weeks. it bounced back $23 yesterday. gabe
slate has more on what's happening of apple in san jose today >> that's right, apple was set to take a stage in san jose at 10:00 a.m.. we assume they're going to show off the ipad many we do not know the name of that device but a smaller ipad. that is with the tech world expects today. it is a huge day for apple and tim cook the new ceo will really flex his power and leadership a steve jobs becausee jobs and did not believe in a 7 in. tablet. he said many times that it tablet under 10 in. did not make sense. the market can approve that to be wrong because of the amazon kendall and google
has been selling tablets for about $200 in the 7 in. range. they took a little bit of a market share away from apple and the ipad. he'll be interesting to see what the vice to come up with that can be cheap enough to compete around the $200 range. >> if you want to get one of
these apple products from the ipad on up to a laptop they are just so expensive. this could bring that they were talking about maybe bring the price down so was more suitable for people. >> people ask me all the time which tablet should i get? the feeling that the ipad is expensive and the ruler of the risk out there but there is a $200 won so what should i do? it is hard to advise people on that because $200 is hard to pass up. this is what is really interesting the is $500t hao
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>> watching gas prices they continue to fall but they're still high. but it is down 3¢ from the day before. oakland is about 10¢ cheaper with an average price of $4.38 for regular. san jose as coming in at $4.37. >> let's take a peek at what we're looking at the weather and the traffic looks good in san jose. it is gray weather wise 47 degrees and we're looking for a
high of just 61 today. we will be right back.
>> we had a big range involved in an accident and the truck tunnel shut down. now there's this accident on hollywood boulevard. it is completely closed down. he considers an accident with a bus and and ask you beinsuv. they're trying to e
someone from one of the vehicles. let's show you video from that huge degree crash. nine or 10 big rigs crashed on 55 about 25 mi. north of l.a.. there is a fact struck involved. authorities say rainy weather may have been the cause of the crash. about 400 gas 400 gal. of diesel spills across the highway. the two lead and pass will be closed until it is cleared up. >> we have snow in the sea are
right now. satellite and radar show that the blue on your screen indicate snow. the green shows the showers passing out of our area. the wet weather we look up to an heard overnight has moved its way peace and to our south. we're still tracking a lot of instability in do not be surprised if you encounter a pop-up thunderstorm as we head into the afternoon. chances are higher for the north bay. temperatures, 53 out the door for hayward 53 in mountain view and we will see where the temperatures were go later on this afternoon. there'll be a mix of sun and clouds. the potential for what weather but for the most part we will be dry. we won't see anything like yesterday. 63 on tap for antioch with chilly conditions laid it this afternoon 63 for hayward unpleasant tent upper 50s for daly city. as a live look outside, ohio highway 50 is currently selling. it looks like christma we not reached halloween. thursday 5:00 p.m. by
the end of the storm system we can actually accumulate up to 2 ft. of snow and the higher elevations about a foot wrong lake level. winter storm warnings are in effect until 11:00 a.m. this morning for the greater lake tahoe area. along with the snowfall expect would be conditions and wins to be we between 50 and 20 mi. an hour -- 15 weather as we head into tomorrow and could be another messy commute. thursday we will still see unsettled weather with
a driver conditions and warmer by friday. --dryer >> the san mateo bridge has finally settled down. the drive times are still 15 minutes but they are consistently dropping. we had may have seen the last of the stop and go traffic at the toll plaza. at the bay bridge the backup this morning for 580 westbound reach right to the there's still some slowing for
the 1 01 southbound through marin county but we're incident free and the drive times are under 40 minutes from highway 37 down to the golden gate bridge. >> poor strategy previously has been one that is been all over the map. is not in a map designed to keep america safe or design on opportunities that and it created in the middle east. >> attacking the is not going to help the challenges in the middle east? >> i know it takes to create 12 million new jobs and rising take-home pay. what we see of the next the past four years is facing off and still running their campaigns after this final debate. they're making a sprint now through nine states for electoral votes who are
considered up for grabs just two weeks before the election. at cnn survey indicates 40 percent of registered voters who watched the debate about the president won a showdown. 40 percent thought romney came not on top. who did better than expected? going into the debate send yours or 60 percent of viewers say that the president did a better jtu responding more favorably to the president -- women. the stock of the dead heat that there and on the campaign trail. here is vice-president joe biden campaigning for the president and the democratic ticket in toledo ohio at a live event we're watching right now. we are also monitoring what you have to say. >> people have been faced booking and twittering and we want to know what you thought about the debate. we ask for your feedback on our facebook
page. what i learned from the debate is that romney is clearly out of his league. he does not understand how our military works. he says whatever he needs to say to whoever the he used to say it to to try to keep the peace for himself. no candidate is perfect so stop being idealistic and recognize the challenges that obama has been dealing with to improve our situation and support him to continue to do his best to fix the mess the republican party put us and to begin with. meanwhile someone said obama axe
so inappropriate always interrupting and he thinks that cameras funny. i find it annoying. he always seems to be going for the put down or down here while romney stock to the subject. join our conversation, attached is out of facebook .com/kron4 according to state records problems at the center and date back as far as 1999. the year after the first arctic operations. the documents come alive after 23 people have died in close to 300 have come ill with and go meningitis that was linked to steroids that were originated from the pharmacy. >> a quick break as the kron4 news continues. here's a live look at our roof camera here's some sunshine will also be saying some scattered showers throughout the dayshowers oñ
>> keeping our eyes on bay area weather and taking a look here at our 7 day forecast chance of a shower to today but not nearly of as widespread as we saw yesterday. still on the cool side and another round of rain coming in tomorrow and things will improve as we head towards the weekend. it looks pretty dry for the world series g snow. noe of the resorts are open yet.
>> coming out we are keeping an eye on wall street this morning which is not looking good. the dow has now gone down 241
points. trading at 13,103 rob black will leave by a few minutes to talk about these losses. the giants went after his third coming back and on to the world series. we will have reaction to that win and the driving rain last night. how long will the rain last of the bay area? will check that one kron4 news continues.
(male announcer) live from the bay area this is the kron 4 news. the big stories we're following this morning the san francisco giants are going to the world series after a huge comeback in the rain. we'll have reaction from last night's big win in a couple of minutes. also reaction with coming up on wall street and a few minutes the dow was down 241 points. >> watching bay area at weather and traffic, hot spots this morning and we have a few scattered rain showers. >> we're looking at spotty showers this morning after having out the door on this tuesday morning. the blue
indicating the mt. snow said there is a winter storm warning in effect. in the sierra. temperatures to there on the cool side and around the '50s this morning. here's a look at the current conditions. temperatures are going to feel pretty cool for this afternoon. this morning shutting -- spotty showers and thunderstorms . this evening cloudy in chile with more showers possible. hayward you are at 55 degrees mountain view 54 palo alto you are at 56 degrees walnut creek is at 54. we will break down and that and also take a look at that 7 day which
includes your weekend. >> to take a look first of the bay bridge we're not tracking how spots right now. the potential ce but look at the big improvements not only on as a 80 approach that here coming out of the macarthur may is. the drive time from interstate 80 is the last 18 minutes and 16 minutes if you're coming from the nimitz. continuing our
bridge check the san mateo drive times continue to drop below 15 minutes now. we're looking for 11. the golden gate bridge still has a low congestion on the stand and the writer norman ran has slowed down because of eight animal carcass in the roadway. >> we want to get to the numbers on wall street which have been diving all morning long. it is down 247 points and wall street is falling after big-name companies reported weak quarterly earnings. things do not look like they will be getting much better. >> we have crisp noble from market watch joining us -- chris 6c >> it could be. sales may be ok. some of the consumer related companies are doing better than the industrial companies. today we have three and dupont technologies which are in heavy industry type countries that are having weak outlooks. >> when you see a two hour three trading days with the dow below 200 points people start talking about how will be headed toward some sort of correction. the thing that becomes more likely or on the curve? >> it is death definitely a possibility. it's har63 fac bess
and the problems in europe and at the global economic weakness that we can play into this. i don't like to play the stock is a dangerous game. >> we will just watch the numbers here on wall street this morning as we continue to see what they do. rather predicted we will just keep tracking and -- checking >> 9 to nothing. that was the score last night at at&t park. the giants made a historic comeback. there is a final out. the giants had to the world series to the second time in three years with a blowout nine nothing win against the cardinals. most of the crowd
stayed in their seats on a long time after to celebrate with the team. >> as soon as the san francisco giants won the pen at the teen was presented with a trophy on the field. some players with, family friends and significant others. the celebration continued in the locker room with dancing music and of course ch
(cheers & applause) ♪ (laughter) >> a couple months ago when you're as was the gop's biggest
threat facing america you said russia and not all tied up. the 1980's are now calling in asking for their policy back. >> the navy a smaller than it has been in 1917. the navy said it needed 300 ships to carry as mission we have 285. >> that is present obama and mitt romney facing off in the debate last night. roy bl -- election. 48 percent said obama won the debate and theromney wo. there were also the expectations that 60 percent thought that obama did better than they expected an 44% thought romney performed better than they thought he would. the survey also revealed a big gender gap with women responding more favorably to the president's performance. >> is what activity at the 90th avenue in cherry street. there's
a large rate under way and several people were taken into custody in the early morning hour more details from police who are not releasing more details at this time. mendoza was found at obama and selma after a new station received a tip about her whereabouts. palo the police were notified and they responded to the home. her god father was 25 year-old was arrested at that home. >> we'll be back with more in a couple of minutes. let's get a live look outside our mt. tam camp where you can see sunshine mixed with those clouds. we'll be back in a
how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> welcome back to kron 4 news.
>> rob black will be joining us now. >> i think it is weak revenue that is to blame today. >> monster is d.a. in suit due to a child being killed. is been soothiued due to a child being killed. >> and dairy get this but to
monster energy drinks--she drunk 400 mg of caffeine and this may be something you want to avoid. this is a new newrisk instead of a consumption risk. >> the number one selling product is the toyota prius. it is not just thcalifornia wast market that toyota focused on but all of the
that way. >> you cannot find the-- >> the home values are good news. this is a quarterly report and home prices are jumping to a hundred and 50,000. this isis nice to see. a lot of people see this going aside ways. >> the losers that you have is that most americans are delaying retiring. 25
percent of americans last year and most of them are stating that they plan to work further. it is more realistic and the average american saved more for retirement than they thought they should. it is more like a million dollars that the average american would need for retirement. >> it is 9:18 a.m. and partly sunny by this afternoon. the atmosphere is still unstable and this evening cloudy conditions will return. temperatures
right now are 48 degrees in daly city and 51 degrees in concord. redwood city is in the lor--at 11:00 a.m. you wille spotty showers at best. by this afternoon and early this evening it should actually be a decent day. later tonight cloudy conditions and a another chance for more showers tonight a a winter storm warning. this is only to 11:00 a.m. this morning and it is still windy and dusty at times. the snow is starting to taper off. the heaviest snow was this morning. >> here is a look at your 7
day around the bay. 63 degrees for the bay and more 60s for the coast. by thursday we will see temperatures unsubtle. we will start at more dryer
(...) --the weekend looks pretty good there will be sun. temperatures will be in the mid-70s for the bay by sunday. >> let's take a look at our traffic with george. >> things are winding down and we will start our bridge check at the toll plaza. that 880 approach is now com1about 19 to 21 minutes m hercules to berkeley. the 680 south looks good and the san ramon. your ride on 580 west is clearing out between
livermore and castro valley. it is a little slow into 80 and this is a typical pattern. the 101 looks better than usual. >> we will take a quick break. we're watching the weather around the bay. here's a look at san francisco.
>> analyst state that gas prices will still fall more. aaa is reporting that gas prices have dropped over the last 11 days. the bay area-- they said it that the gas may still dropped by november 22nd. another reason is that the refineries to the winter bland of gasoline.
>> it is $4.80 in san francisco and it is a dime last in oakland. >> and new study found that an organic diet for children is not worth the extra money. the pediatrician foundation stated that both types of full will still offer the same kind of protein. parents were concerned that organic foods were less contaminated. >> we will be right back. we will take a look at the theater were apple will be making an announcement. the big event will most likely be the new ipad mini.
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on the cool side. there will be a chance for thunderstorms. we do still have some on stable
atmosphere in the north bay area. the temperatures to that will be around 60's. it looks like we will see that temperatures are and the upper 50s. it is lower 57 vallejo.fifties in vallejo. >> things do feel pretty calm and quieting down. there may be a new accident on 80 westbound. i will update this system as i have more information. conditions are approving around the bay and as you look at the bay bridge the westbound commute is under 60 minutes now. the set mattel bridges back down to an 11 minute drive time. the golden gate bridge through southern marin--the department of transportation this kiis trying to clear-- >> starting tomorrow at at&t park the giants will face
the detroit tigers. there are people still celebrating and half of them could not get to work this morning. >> here is a video that we shot in the ballpark about 50 minutes ago and you can see a tarp over the infield and that want to make sure that it is ready to go for tomorrow night. the first pitch is 45 07 p.m.. they're being watched by major- league baseball to make sure they are doing their job. if they want to make sure that all the tra they want to make sure that the seats are also ready to go. some of the people that are cleaning up then failed --they want to make sure that all the water is pushed to the outfield where there is a drainage system to test
the water away. >> we will be working around the clock for the next their soul to get ready. we will be good to go tomorrow night will the rain be a problem? >> last night was very unusual. the first game 7 clinch and--the skies opened up and it was a downpour on the trophy presentation. it was very important for the trophy to be issued to the giants and before the fans. we were able to get the wet dirt off the infield and we covered everything with that
target and will be putting dirt on the field and we should be good to go for the workout and the first game tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night is the world series but the detroit tigers are in route. once the land they will check into their hotel and they will also come out so they can practice as well as with the giants. they have also made sure that this is all set because they understand that the tigers have to practice as well. the gear is ready to go and you can get the gear. it will cost you $32 for a t-shirt. >> it really was a team effort for the giants and every player had a reason to celebrate. >> we have a lot of confidence in our pitchers and you do have to be focused the entire time. >> this is everything to me.
i came here to deliver and it felt really good to do so. >> we started planning good. >> we were just meant to win. the last couple of days our pitchers have done an excellent job. watching from the dugout was great and we have been playing great
ball. >> we were not going to fill--this was our time to when we did come prepared. >> the first two games of the dow is off by 225 points and this still is not the worst we have seen this morning. we have a negative earnings. industrial companies and u.s. are going to probably stayed out all day. >> a teenage driver was convicted of running over a father and killing their door. he has been given the maximum sentence for a minor 1as is a juvenile. he admitted that he drove this cadillac and escalated hybrid speed when he slammed into the man and his daughter. they were riding on the sidewalk in concord back in april. he
will be in court again for a restitution hearing. >> it is not designed to keep american say for-- >> making sure that we are bringing manufacturing back to the shores so that we are creating jobs here is we have with the car industry. >> i do know what it takes to create 12 million jobs and what i have seen over the last four years is something that i do not want there are still nine
electorial states who are still up for grabs. a new survey stated that americans and the 30's are the ones the state that they may not be financially secure when they retire. about 38% stated that they do not feel confident. >> it is on 9:37 a.m. and will be right back. let's take a look outside and see how the weather is shaping up. at cepacol we've heard people are going to extremes to relieve their sore throats. oh, okay, you don't need to do that. but i don't want any more of the usual lozenges and i want new cooling relief! ugh. how do you feel? now i'm cold. hmm. this is a better choice.
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in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. evaluated at the state prison and it will be a week or more to when he will be permanently assigned. he is serving 30 years for sexual --. >> i the girls were being raided by a male athlete of sexual activities. that would earn points for documenting engagements with the girls. they tipped off the administrators to let the no of activity. letters were sent out on friday. >> after being down three games to one the giants made an historic comeback beatin3
>> at wisconsin man who shot
his ex-wife and himself purchase a gun after he was ordered to turn in all of his weapons. right after the restraining order was issued. his wife opened at the salon where he killed her and another person at the salon. he then took his own life. >> the man charged with the 2009 shooting in fort worth killed if convicted he will face the death penalty or life in plife imprisoned without the possibility of a perot. >> this was the cow down and left off for the rocket that launched off this morning. it carried a three man crews on their way to the space station. after a two day journey there arrived --
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>> a big comeback for the san francisco giants in the pouring rain. they came back from a three to one deficit. they are headed to the world series. game 1 is tomorrow evening at at&t park. >> we are waiting for apple to make an announcement. rumors have it that they will be making an announceme policy was the main focus of last night's final debate. resorts were covered in snow. the
early snow and rain is expected to last into about friday. and then they do have a another storm for the weekend. >> in firefighters are stating that it was a tornado that touched down and witnesses are stating that this song roofs torn off branches down and a lot of debris. teachin >> we also - the snow falls in e lake tahoe area. >> most of us are just looking at partly sunny conditions and you can see the blue out to lake tahoe. if this is the snow that this fall and right now. by afternoon it will be partly sunny conditions and should be a pretty nice day for the most of us. thunderstorms are still possible once again as atmosphere berries. tonight ther will be an increasin. there will be an
increase in clouds. oakland is that 54 degrees in concord is at 51 degrees. it is a very chilly start outside. this picture shows to what will happen over the next few hours. the grand indicates light rain and it is spotty at best. at 6:00 tonight for your evening commute issue be dry for most of us and some of the showers may produce some moderate to heavy rain. chance for showers will be late tonight into tomorrow morning. we do have watches and warnings. wan's are from the southwest and they are
gusting up to 30. most of the heavy snow fell this morning and on the overnight hours. there is still lots of fresh snow up there. >> sunday they'lfremont will bee lower 60s. 61 degrees for hayward and walnut creek is looking at 64 degrees. that
chance for afternoon thunderstorms as you head out of the door. ocean beaches at 60 degrees. and daly city will be tough to get out of the '50s. all of us will still be several degrees below that average high. temperatures are getting a little milder by thursday. thursday is expected to be the driest today. saturday and sunday looks to be in the mid '70s. >> things i looking pretty was a hot spot this morning but it is no longer. it is now back down to an 11 minute drive in both directions. they do have a jump start on added a third life in the northbound direction. for a look at the east shore freeway. there
was a recent crash here but it was not considered a hot spot. we are past the peak of the commute and it looks great coming in from livermore. 101 and 85 r all clear. there's still some sluggish traffic in the north bay for the 1 01 southbound right. >> it is now 9:52 a.m. and you would not believe what has been going on. administrators have just learned what kids called a fantasy slut peak periods this is where they would
rape girlraped girls. te girls.y
would earn points after they engaged in two axe with the girls. it turns out that this has been born on for about five to six years at piedmont high school. the administrators have sent home letters to parents on friday and wanted to know what has been born on. many students are upset t [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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